cleaning gemstones and gemstone jewelry

Cleaning gemstone jewelry

You can easily clean gemstone jewelry yourself, but there are some points of attention. Much depends on the type of stone and type of precious metal. With these tips, your gemstones and jewelry will stay beautiful for a long time!

silver jewelry

Our silver jewelry consists of Solid sterling silver , also called silver 925. This is a very durable precious metal. If you wear your silver jewelry often, the jewelry can turn a bit green or black over time. This is very normal with Sterling silver. You can clean your silver jewelry by polishing it regularly with a silver polishing cloth. This ensures that the silver retains its shine. If this is not sufficient, you can clean the jewelry as described below.

Jewelry set silver with amethyst-2
Jewelry set with amethyst

Gold-plated jewelry

Our yellow gold and rose gold jewelry has a base of sterling silver 925 and is gold plated . If you wear your jewelry often, the gold layer can wear out over time. The speed depends on the acidity of your skin and the way you handle your jewelry.

Tips to keep your jewelry beautiful for a long time

  1. Always take off your jewelry when you exercise, clean or garden. Know that many cleaning products can damage gemstones.
  2. Apply make-up, hairspray or perfume first and only then put on your jewelry. This is especially true for pearls. Pearls are always the last to be put on and they are the first to go off.
  3. Jewelery made of precious metals such as sterling silver 925 as well as jewelery with precious stones do not like a wet bath. It’s a good idea to take off your jewelry when doing the dishes, taking a bath, or going for a swim.
  4. Never store your gemstones in the sunlight, store them in a bag or jewelry box, then they will remain beautiful for longer. After all, some gemstones can discolor if they are in the sun.

How do you clean gems?

cleaning gemstones and gemstone jewelry
Cleaning gems

Because gemstones have special properties, they must be well cared for for optimal functioning. Positive energy that the stone gives off to its environment must be regularly replenished (charging the stone) and negative energy that the stone has absorbed from its environment must be discharged (cleaning the stone). In another blog you can read more about how to charge and clean stones .

Some gemstones are sensitive to water. Gemstones with a lower hardness of 4 do not tolerate water well and will damage, break or dissolve. Chrysocolla, Selenite, Calcite, Celestine, Prenite, Pyrite are stones that should only be rinsed. These stones are ferrous or porous and will dissolve if left in water for a long time.

Quartz variants such as rock crystal, rose quartz, lavender quartz but also amethyst, jasper, aquamarine, citrine, agate, aventurine, jasper, tiger’s eye and fluorite are stones that can go in the water. When in doubt, never soak your gemstones in water.

Read more about which minerals are sensitive to water and sun here.

Never use salt water to clean the stones. The salt gets into the pores of the stone and affects the stone from the inside.

Cleaning silver jewelry with precious stones

How can you clean your silver gemstone jewelry? Wipe gemstones with a soft damp cloth to remove the dirt. If you have jewelry made of silver 925 with gemstones, such as the jewelry in our shop , you can also clean it in a bowl with lukewarm water and a little mild soap. Only do this if they are very dirty and keep the time they are in the water as short as possible. Use a small brush (such as a toothbrush) to brush away the dirt in difficult places. Then dry them carefully and let them dry on a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning gemstone jewelry
Cleaning silver gemstone jewelry

Cleaning opals

Opals are fragile gemstones. It is safest to clean your opal regularly with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use water.

Cleaning pearls

Clean pearls immediately after wearing with a soft cloth so that perfumes and other make-up residues do not remain on the pearls. A strand of pearls tangled can damage the pearls by scratching against each other. Place your pearls in a box in such a way that the pearls do not touch each other.

Storing gemstone jewelry

Store your gemstone jewelry properly. Not all gemstones tolerate each other’s presence. It is best to store jewelry with gemstones separately in a bag or case out of sunlight so that they cannot damage each other.

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