Crystal healing or the power of healing crystals

The healing power of crystals

Crystal healing or the healing power of crystals is an ancient practice of using natural gemstones and crystals to heal the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. Countless proofs have been found throughout history where the healing power of crystals has been mentioned in various cultures and civilizations.

We have long known about Egyptians, Mayans, Sumerians and Indians that they adorned themselves with crystals to ward off evil and protect themselves from dark forces. But nowadays we have seen a significant decline in the popularity of healing crystals as not many people understand the healing properties of crystals yet.

But thanks to celebrities and media reports about the power of healing crystals, Crystal healing is back in full swing. It is especially the younger generation who are drawn to crystals and are trying to understand how they can heal the mind, body and soul.

the healing power of crystals

How does the healing power of crystals work

Crystals are natural minerals usually found beneath the Earth and formed through thousands of years of crystallization in various environmental conditions. Because crystals are inherently connected to nature, they have an incredible power to sense pain and unease in a human body and to heal the body and mind.

Of course, different crystals work in different ways and it is essential to know what you need. There are three basic ways in which crystals and crystal healing work.

Clearing or purifying

The human body is made up of seven energy nodes or Chakras that help us function properly when aligned. Unfortunately, stress and today’s hectic lifestyles lead to disruption of these chakras. Crystals help to unblock the chakras, absorb or remove negative energies and rid the body of non-essential energies .

Energizing or Stimulating

Crystals help to stimulate the body, mind and soul with energetic powers. The right crystal helps to calm the mind, make the body healthy and balance the soul. For this you wear the appropriate crystal close to you, in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry around your neck or arm.

Balancing or balancing

Balance is essential to function properly. Everything in this world only works well when there is a balance. Because it is not easy to maintain balance, crystals work to balance and heal the energy in and around the body.

When you know the meaning of healing crystals and understand how they work, you can use crystals to support and heal your body and mind . However, not all crystals have the same effect on the human body, mind and spirit. Therefore, choose the right crystals that suit you.

How to apply the healing power of crystals?

Crystal healing works best when you use those crystals that suit you. However, it is not easy to select the right crystals. Therefore, different methods have traditionally been used to determine which crystal suits your needs.


Your horoscope can tell you a lot about what you need in certain areas of your life. Each sign in the zodiac is associated with one or more stones . Because crystals have their own unique frequency, it is not surprising that certain stones suit certain types of people.


Chakras are like energy points in our body through which impressions from outside and inside are absorbed and processed. In Sanskrit, Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex of power’. Although there are many different types of Chakras, most schools of thought are based on seven main chakras .

These are the Root Chakra (red), the Sacral Chakra (orange), the Navel Chakra (yellow), the Heart Chakra (green), the Throat Chakra (blue), the Third Eye Chakra (indigo) and finally the Crown Chakra (purple). There are several gemstones associated with each chakra. Each of these Chakras can be seen as a symbol for a place in the body where there is an increased energy. In this way, each Chakra resonates with a certain color, sound and with physical and psychological functions.

Gemstones can play an important role in the functioning of Chakras due to their unique energetic properties. In this way they can remove energy blockages in the body so that the energy can flow properly again. This makes gemstones and chakras a beautiful combination.


Pendulum is a technique used to choose the stone that suits you. Sometimes you don’t remember, and then a shuttle can show you the way. With pendulum you can get answers to (life) questions with the help of a pendulum. Often a pendulum is a drop-shaped metal, glass or wooden object on a wire or chain in which precious stones are incorporated.


Visualization is also a powerful technique that is used to pick out those crystals that you need at that moment. You do that by closing your eyes and quieting your mind. By thinking about nothing for a while, relaxing your body and clearing your mind completely, you will be able to make decisions more easily. Then open your eyes and choose the stone you are most attracted to. Colors are very important. We know that colors have a major influence on how we feel.

Disclaimer: There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that Crystal healing works, which is why it is called a pseudoscience. Nevertheless, numerous individual cases have been reported showing exceptional successes. However, no measuring method has yet been found that can provide any scientific basis for these successes.

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