lavasteen steen van aarding, bescherming en stabiliteit (2)

Lava stone: Grounding Stone, Protection and Self-confidence

In the depths of the earth lurks a powerful companion, lava stone, with its deep black color and intriguing origins. This stone is known for its ability to provide protection and grounding, while strengthening courage, self-confidence, perseverance and stability. Let us explore the fascinating properties of lava stone and discover how this stone can guide us on various aspects of our well-being.

Where do you find Lava stone?

Lava stone, as the name suggests, is formed from solidified lava after a volcanic eruption. It is often found in volcanic areas and is a remnant of the intense heat and power of the earth. Lava stone symbolizes transformation and rebirth as it emerges from the tumultuous forces of nature.

Lava stone - grounding stone, protection and stability
Lava stone – grounding stone, protection and stability

Properties of Lava stone

Lava stone is the stone of grounding, protection and stability

protection and grounding – courage and self-confidence – perseverance and stability

Protection and Grounding

On a spiritual level, lava stone is considered a powerful stone of protection and grounding. It is known for its ability to repel negative energies and create a protective shield around the wearer. Lava stone opens the root chakra, which is connected to grounding, stability and survival instinct.

The stone reminds us that just as lava protects the earth from external forces, lava rock can protect us from energetic influences. It provides a sense of safety and grounding, allowing us to stand firmly with both feet on the ground.

Courage and Confidence

Mentally, lava stone is known to encourage courage and self-confidence. It gives the wearer the strength to face challenges and overcome difficulties. Lava stone encourages us to act with conviction and determination, knowing that we possess the inner strength to overcome obstacles.

The energy of lava stone reminds us that, even in the most turbulent times, courage and self-confidence can be our guide. It is a powerful companion on our path to personal growth and overcoming inner fears.

Perseverance and Stability

Physically, lava stone is known for its stabilizing properties. It helps promote perseverance and maintain emotional stability during challenging situations. Lava stone reminds us that even in the most fluid states of life, we can maintain an inner stability.

The stone acts as a reminder that perseverance and stability give us the strength to resist the flow of life while moving with the ebb and flow of change. It is a source of strength that allows us to remain resilient no matter what the circumstances.

How do you use the affirmation with Lava stone?

The affirmation associated with lava stone reads, “I stay grounded and go with the flow of life.” Use this powerful quote during meditation, visualization or simply as a daily reminder of your inner strength and resilience.

I stay grounded and go with the flow of life.


Hold the lava stone in your hand while repeating the affirmation to reinforce the energy. Also place the stone where you see it often, such as on your desk or in your pocket, to integrate the power of the affirmation into your daily life.

Conclusion: The Grounding Power of Lava Stone

In conclusion, lava stone is much more than a solidified remnant of volcanic activity; it is a powerful ally on our path to protection, grounding, courage, self-confidence, perseverance and stability. Let lava stone guide you on your journey of inner strength, resilience and the ability to embrace the flow of life with courage and stability. Open yourself to the grounding energy of lava stone and discover the profound stability deep within.

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