Edelsteen set voor studenten - fluoriet - citrien - amethist (4)

Which gemstones against exam stress?

Exam periods are very stressful periods for students. It is a period in which you have to give the best of yourself. And that creates a lot of pressure and stress. Gems and crystals can be very valuable during exams and can help students focus better, improve memory and reduce anxiety and stress. You can read here which gemstones help against exam stress.

Natural gemstones and crystals have special energetic properties that can heal the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. Because these minerals are inherently connected to nature, they have incredible power to sense pain and unease in a human body and to heal the body and mind. For as long as we can remember, natural peoples, the Egyptians, the Maya, Sumerians and Indians, used talismans and amulets to ward off evil and protect themselves against negative influences.

Which gemstones against exam stress?

There are several gems that can support students during exam periods, but these are the most suitable.

gemstones against exam stress: fluorite - citrine - amethyst
Fluorite – Citrine – Amethyst


Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. The stone protects against negative energy and converts it into love. It is a healing & calming stone that relaxes the mind. Amethyst is a good stone for students. The stone improves memory and reduces fears and tensions . A palm stone is a smooth polished stone that fits in the palm of your hand. The stone has a deep purple color with white marble pattern.


Fluorite promotes concentration and stimulates the memory . The stone gives students more confidence and helps them to focus better. It is a cheerful, yellow stone that makes you happy and helps you to relax. A worry stone is a smooth, polished stone with a curved bottom that fits your thumb. Take the stone in your hand, rub the stone with your thumb and let go of your worries. This purple fluorite has a beautiful purple color with white spots.


Citrine is a yellow quartz type. This sunny stone brings confidence, self-esteem, energy and joie de vivre to its wearer . The stone gives courage and attracts luck , prosperity , success and wealth . The stone gives students the necessary energy and strength to successfully complete the exam period. Wear the bracelet on your wrist while studying and during exams.

How do you use the exam stress gem set?

Put the stones on your desk when you study, let them pass through your fingers when you think, and take them to your exam. They will bring you luck!

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