silver 925? gold plated?

Silver 925? gold plated? What does it mean?

All jewelry in the shop is made from Solid sterling Silver 925. Gold-plated jewelry and gold vermeil jewelry also have a base of silver 925. But what does that mean?

Solid Sterling Silver 925

At Crystals for Lina we only sell jewelry made of 925 (in English: sterling) silver. This is the purest form of silver to make jewelry. 925 means that it is a silver alloy (mixture) consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% fillers. This 7.5% is necessary because silver itself is very soft, too soft even to be able to make durable jewelry.

To recognize 925 silver jewelry, look for the silver 925 symbol struck into the product. This is required by law for products with more than 8 grams of silver. This mark is sometimes missing in very fine jewelry. However, this does not mean that it does not have a hallmark, but sometimes a piece of jewelry is too small to put a mark on it.

We guarantee that our jewelry is made of 100% solid sterling silver.

Gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry

Because we want to sell affordable jewelry, at Crystals by Lina we deliberately choose gold-plated jewelry and gold vermeil jewelry and not solid gold. However, this does not have to compromise on quality. This jewelry gives your look the same look as real gold jewelry, while being a lot more affordable!

Gold plated or gold plated means that a layer of gold is poured over a base. However, this says nothing about the material of the base under the gold layer. The quality of gold plated jewelry therefore varies enormously because the base is sometimes made of base metal (such as brass or steel).

Our gold plated jewelry has a base of sterling silver 925, a precious metal of high quality, with a layer of 14 carat gold on top. The silver base is dipped in a gold bath, creating a layer of real gold with a beautiful shiny finish.

Gold vermeil jewelry has a thicker layer of gold than gold-plated jewelry. This jewelry has a more beautiful gold color and is more durable than gold plated jewelry. For example, our birthstone rings have a gold vermeil layer of 1 micron. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a beautiful piece of jewelry for a long time.

With gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry, it is important to watch out for water and liquids. Contact with these substances can cause more friction, causing the layer of the product to wear off. This certainly doesn’t always happen, but it can happen in the long run. We often see it with rings that are kept on while washing hands, or with the piece of earring that goes through your ear. No problem of course if the product wears out, hidden underneath is a beautiful silver 925 piece of jewelry!

Shop gemstone jewelry in silver 925

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At Crystals by Lina, we only work with Natural Gemstones. We have original gifts for pregnancy, gifts for mom, gems for baby, gems for friendship, gems for protection, gems for children, gems for your zodiac sign, gems for love, gems for grief and mourning, gems for students and gems against stress. We also have the most beautiful gemstone gifts with chakra stones and gemstones for mindfulness meditation.

In our shop you will also find beaded bracelets with gemstones such as rose quartz, blue chalcedony, lava stone, tiger’s eye and amethyst and wonderfully fragrant gemstone scented candles.

We also have a beautiful collection of silver jewelry with gemstones – 100% sterling silver. Our gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry has a core of 100% silver 925. Our motto: “You’re real, your jewelry anyway!

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