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Aquamarine – Stone of the Sea

In the depths of the earth’s treasury shimmers a gemstone that seems to carry the soul of the sea: aquamarine. With its serene blue hues, aquamarine evokes images of lapping waves and vast oceans. This enchanting stone is known as the embodiment of tranquility, courage and clarity. Let’s explore the intriguing properties of aquamarine and discover how it can guide us on our journey to inner peace, courage and enlightenment.

Where Do You Find Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is mainly found in countries such as Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar and Afghanistan. The name “aquamarine” is derived from the Latin word “aqua marina,” meaning “sea water,” and reflects the bright, blue color reminiscent of the brilliance of the sea*. This gemstone has been valued for centuries for its beauty and spiritual significance.

Aquamarine is often referred to as a stone that brings courage or the “stone of the sea.” because the stone is associated with qualities such as tranquility, clarity and communication. According to ancient stories, aquamarine was considered a talisman for sailors, offering protection and guaranteeing safe travels across the ocean. Its calming energies are said to reduce stress and bring harmony to relationships, making it a popular choice for jewelry and spiritual practices.


Aquamarine is the stone of the Sea

Peace, calm & clarity – Courage & communication – Closing & letting go

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Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine, Stone of Tranquility and Clarity

On a spiritual level, aquamarine is known for its ability to bring peace and clarity to the wearer’s mind.

  1. Calm: The serene energy of aquamarine calms the mind and brings a sense of peace and serenity. It invites meditation and inner peace, allowing the wearer to experience profound relaxation amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  2. Clarity: Aquamarine promotes clarity of thought and helps release confusion and doubt. It opens the mind to new insights and ideas, enhancing the wearer’s ability to make decisions and achieve goals with a clear vision in mind.

Aquamarine, Stone of Courage and Communication

On an emotional level, aquamarine is known for its ability to promote courage and communication.

  1. Courage: The calming energy of aquamarine gives the wearer courage and strength to face difficulties. It encourages overcoming fears and facing challenges with determination and resilience.
  2. Communication: Aquamarine encourages clear communication and helps express thoughts and emotions in a balanced and understanding way. It promotes openness and honesty in relationships, helping to resolve misunderstandings and strengthen bonds.

Aquamarine, Stone of Closure and Letting Go

On a spiritual level, aquamarine is known for its ability to promote closure and letting go.

  1. Closure: Aquamarine helps close chapters in life and release the past. It encourages one to forgive and move on without baggage from the past so that one can live more freely and lightly in the present.
  2. Letting go: The calming energy of aquamarine supports the process of letting go and helps find inner peace and acceptance. It encourages trusting the natural course of life and being open to new opportunities and experiences.

How to Use Aquamarine.

Aquamarine can be used in various ways to bring peace, courage and enlightenment to the wearer’s life. Wear aquamarine jewelry to carry the calming energy with you throughout the day, or place an aquamarine in your meditation room to promote a sense of serenity and clarity during meditation sessions.

Use the affirmation, “I trust that my soul knows which direction to take” while holding or wearing aquamarine. Let the soothing energy of the stone guide you on your journey to inner peace, courage and enlightenment.

“I trust that my soul knows which direction to take.”


Conclusion: The Calming Power of Aquamarine

In conclusion, aquamarine is much more than a beautiful gemstone; it is a guide on the path of peace, courage and enlightenment. Let aquamarine guide you on your journey to inner peace, clarity of mind and emotional balance. Trust the calming power of aquamarine and let it lead you to a life of serenity, courage and confidence.

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