According to experts, a certain gemstone is attributed to each month. The month in which you were born therefore determines the gemstone that suits you. Each birthstone has its own meaning and symbolizes, for example, peace, tranquility or good health. View here which gemstones and month of birth go together.

Gemstones according to your month of birth

JANUARY / Garnet
FEBRUARY / Amethyst
MARCH / Aquamarine – Bloodstone
APRIL / Diamond – Crystal quartz
MAY / Emerald – Malachite
JUNE / Moonstone – Pearl – Alexandrite
JULY / Ruby
AUGUST / Peridot – Jade – Sardonyx – Spinel
SEPTEMBER / Sapphire – Lapis lazuli
OCTOBER / Opal – Pink Tourmaline – Rose Quartz
NOVEMBER / Citrine – Yellow topaz
DECEMBER / Turquoise – Blue topaz – Blue zircon – Tanzanite

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