According to experts, a certain gemstone is attributed to each month. The month in which you were born therefore determines the gemstone that suits you. Each birthstone has its own meaning and symbolizes, for example, peace, tranquility or good health. View here which gemstones and month of birth go together.

Gemstones and birth months have an intriguing and deep-rooted connection dating back to ancient civilizations. This connection is often reflected in the tradition of birthstones – gemstones associated with each month of the year. These stones not only have aesthetic value, but are also seen as bearers of symbolism, healing powers and spiritual meanings. The history of birthstones has a rich and diverse background, rooted in cultural beliefs and practices.

The tradition of birthstones

The tradition of birthstones can be traced to the ancient civilization of the Jewish people, in which the 12 stones of Aaron’s breastplate – a religious garment worn by high priests – were associated with the 12 tribes of Israel and later were linked to the 12 months of the year. These stones represented certain properties and attributes, and it was believed that wearing the right stone during its corresponding month would bring protection and favorable influences.

The modern list of birthstones*, as we know it today, has evolved over time and varies somewhat depending on cultural sources and traditions. Nevertheless, there are some gemstones that are consistently associated with specific months:

  • January: Garnet is the birthstone of January. This deep red stone symbolizes love, devotion and passion. In ancient times, garnet was often associated with blood, and was believed to protect against injury and negative energy.
  • February: Amethyst, a beautiful purple quartz, is associated with February. It is often seen as a symbol of clarity and inner peace, and it used to be worn to promote sobriety and clear thinking.
  • March: Aquamarine graces the month of March. With its light blue hues, this stone is associated with calmness, hope and clarity. According to tradition, aquamarine protects sailors during their journeys across the ocean.
  • April: Diamond, the “king of gemstones,” is April’s birthstone. Diamonds symbolize strength, invincibility and eternal love. In ancient times, people believed that diamonds were tears of the gods.

  • May: The emerald, a deep green gemstone, represents May. This stone is associated with fertility, renewal and love. Ancient Egyptians considered the emerald a symbol of rebirth.
  • June: Pearl and moonstone share the birthstone of June. Pearls symbolize purity and innocence, while moonstones are associated with intuition and spiritual growth. Both stones have a connection to the moon and water.
  • July: Ruby is associated with July. This deep red stone symbolizes passion, strength and courage. The belief in the ruby’s protective powers dates back to ancient cultures, where it was seen as a repellent against evil.
  • August: Peridot is the birthstone of August. With its bright green hues, peridot is associated with happiness, protection and prosperity. In ancient times, peridot was often considered a symbol of renewal and growth.
  • September: Sapphire graces the month of September. This deep blue stone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty and nobility. In ancient times, sapphire was associated with spiritual enlightenment and protection from negative influences.
  • October: The month of October is associated with two stones: opal and rose quartz. Opal is known for its brilliant play of colors and is associated with creativity and passion. Rose quartz, a soft pink stone, symbolizes love, compassion and emotional well-being.
  • November: Topaz and citrine are the birthstones of November. Topaz, often in a warm yellow hue, symbolizes love and abundance. Citrine, a bright yellow stone, is known as the “stone of the sun” and is associated with energy and happiness.
  • December: The month of December has three birthstones: turquoise, tanzanite and zircon. Turquoise is known for its sky blue color and is considered a symbol of protection and well-being. Tanzanite, with its deep blue and purple hues, is associated with spiritual growth and transformation. Zircon, available in a variety of colors, symbolizes wisdom, strength and protection.

This tradition of assigning specific gemstones to birth months has spread across different cultures and resulted in a rich diversity of meanings and interpretations. Whether one believes in the spiritual properties of these stones or simply appreciates them for their beauty, birthstones remain an exciting and meaningful tradition that celebrates the connection between gemstones and personal identity.

Other traditions

The tradition of associating gemstones with birth months is known as the tradition of birthstones. This practice has deep roots in different cultures and has taken on different meanings and interpretations over time. Here are some of the traditions that connect gemstones with birth months:

  1. Ancient Jewish and Christian traditions: The origins of the nativity tradition can be traced to the twelve stones on Aaron’s breastplate, as described in the Hebrew Bible. Each stone was associated with one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Later, these stones were linked to the 12 months of the year, leading to the idea of birthstones that had specific properties and meanings.
  2. Ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs: Both the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks had strong beliefs about the symbolic powers of gemstones. They believed that certain stones were related to gods, planets and months, and that wearing them during their corresponding month would bring protection and prosperity.
  3. Talismans and amulets: Throughout history, gemstones were often used as talismans and amulets for protection and healing. People believed that certain stones would help them ward off negative energy, promote health and bring good luck. These beliefs reinforced the association between gemstones and personal meaning, including birth months.
  4. Astrology and metaphysics: In the world of astrology and metaphysics, gemstones are seen as carriers of certain energies and vibrations that can resonate with individual traits and needs. This idea ties in with the tradition of birthstones, where each gemstone is associated with specific characteristics appropriate to that month’s zodiac sign.
  5. Commercial and jewelry industry: In modern times, the commercial jewelry industry has embraced and promoted the tradition of birthstones. The concept of birthstones has become a popular theme for personalized jewelry, allowing people to wear gemstones corresponding to their birth month as a way to express their identity and individuality.

In short, the connection between gemstones and birth months has a complex and rich history intertwined with religious, cultural and spiritual traditions. Although meanings and practices have evolved over time, the tradition of birthstones remains a fascinating and meaningful way to connect gemstones to individual lives and identities.


Click on the icons below and see the gemstones associated with your birth month.

JANUARY / Garnet
FEBRUARY / Amethyst
MARCH / Aquamarine – Bloodstone
APRIL / Diamond – Crystal quartz
MAY / Emerald – Malachite
JUNE / Moonstone – Pearl – Alexandrite
JULY / Ruby
AUGUST / Peridot – Jade – Sardonyx – Spinel
SEPTEMBER / Sapphire – Lapis lazuli
OCTOBER / Opal – Pink Tourmaline – Rose Quartz
NOVEMBER / Citrine – Yellow topaz
DECEMBER / Turquoise – Blue topaz – Blue zircon – Tanzanite

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