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Gemstones Cleansing – 5 Popular Methods

Gemstones have captured the human imagination for centuries with their brilliance, colors and possible energetic properties. Many people believe that gemstones are not only physically attractive, but also possess spiritual powers that can influence our well-being. To get the optimal benefits from your gemstones, it is important to clean them regularly. In this article, we address the following questions: Why do you need to cleanse gemstones? When should you do it and how?

Why Should You Clean Gemstones?

Cleansing gemstones is based on the belief that they can hold and radiate energy. When gemstones are worn or used, they can absorb negative energy, which can make them less effective over time. It is then good to cleanse or discharge your gemstones. Here are some important reasons why you should clean gemstones:

  1. Removing Negative Energy: Gemstones can absorb negative energy, whether it comes from emotional tension, stress or other environmental factors. By cleansing them, you can remove this negative energy, allowing the gemstone to maintain its optimal energetic properties.
  2. Refresh Energy: Just as people sometimes need rest to recharge, so do gemstones. By cleansing them, you renew their energy, allowing them to work more effectively in supporting your well-being.
  3. Strengthening Spiritual Intention: If you use gemstones for spiritual purposes, healing or meditation, regular cleansing can strengthen your intention and deepen your connection with the stone.
Cleansing or discharging gemstones
Gemstones cleanse or discharge with Selenite and Amethyst

When Should You Clean Gemstones?

The frequency with which you need to clean gemstones varies depending on how often you use them and the environment they are in. In general, there are some indicators that show when it is time to cleanse your gemstones:

  1. Intuition: Trust your intuition. If you feel that a gemstone has become less powerful or seems to emit a heavy energy, it is time to cleanse it.
  2. Frequent Use: If you wear your gemstones regularly or use them in meditations and spiritual practices, it is advisable to cleanse them at least once a month.
  3. After purchase: Newly purchased gemstones may carry energies from previous owners. It is wise to cleanse them immediately after purchase to purify them and add your own intention.

How Should You Cleanse Gemstones?

There are several methods for cleansing or discharging gemstones, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Here are 5 popular and commonly used cleansing methods:

1. Water

  • Cleansing gemstones with water, especially salt water, is a common and effective method of renewing their energetic properties. To apply this method, gently rinse the gemstones under cold running water. The water helps to flush away negative energies that have accumulated in the stones.
  • For more thorough cleansing, you can also soak them in a bowl of lightly salted water for several hours. Be sure to understand the specific properties of the gemstones, as some stones can be sensitive to water and can be damaged. In general, this method is appreciated for its simplicity and effectiveness, but it is important to know which stones are suitable for this cleansing method.

2. Earth

  • You can cleanse gemstones with earth. Bury your gemstones in the earth overnight or for several days to ground and purify them. Cleansing gemstones using earth is a grounding and traditional method used in some spiritual practices. This technique makes use of the earth’s grounding properties to extract negative energies from the gemstones.
  • To clean your gemstones with soil, dig a small hole in the ground, place the stones in it and cover them completely with soil. Leave the gems buried overnight or for several days. This process symbolizes the return to the earth’s original energy and helps rid the gemstones of any unwanted energies. After cleaning, carefully remove the stones from the earth, rinse them with clear water and let them dry. This method is often used for grounding stones such as black tourmaline or obsidian, but it can be used with most gemstones to renew and purify their energy.

3. Sunlight and Moonlight

  • A third method to cleanse your gemstones is to use (full) moonlight and sunlight.
  • Moonlight is often used for cleansing gemstones, especially during the full moon, as it is considered a time of heightened spiritual energy. Place your gems at night in the bright moonlight, preferably on a windowsill or outside where they can absorb the moon. This helps purify and renew the energetic properties of the stones.
  • On the other hand, sunlight is also used to charge gemstones. The powerful energy of the sun can refresh and strengthen the gemstones. Place your gemstones in direct sunlight for several hours, but be careful, as some stones may discolor if exposed to the sun for too long. Using sun and moonlight to cleanse and recharge gemstones is a natural and accessible method often appreciated for its simplicity and effectiveness.

4. Cleansing Stones

  • Gemstone cleansing with amethyst and selenite is a popular and effective method. Simply place the gemstones next to or on top of a piece of amethyst or selenite for a while. These stones act as energetic sponges and absorb negative energy from the gemstones, purifying them again. The advantage is that amethyst and selenite are self-cleaning, making it a simple and effective cleansing method for gemstones.
  • Cleansing or discharging gemstones with hematite is also an effective and easy method that many people use. Hematite itself is a strong grounding stone known for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies. To clean gemstones with hematite, simply place the gemstones along with a piece of hematite in a bowl or bag. The hematite will pull and absorb the negative energy from the gemstones, purifying and recharging them. It is important to cleanse the hematite itself after cleansing, as this stone can become saturated with the absorbed negative energy over time. This process of cleaning with hematite is convenient because it gently cleanses the gemstones without the need for additional tools such as smoke or liquids.

5. White sage and Palo Santo

  • Cleansing gemstones with white sage and palo santo (sacred wood) is a common and popular method in many spiritual and energetic practices.
  • White sage, a dried leaf of the sage plant, is often used for its purifying properties. When cleansing gemstones, a bundle of white sage is lit, then the smoke is wafted over the stones to expel negative energies and purify the gemstones.
  • Palo santo, a type of wood native to South America, has a pleasant fragrance and is burned to cleanse rooms and objects of negativity. The use of these sacred plants is considered a powerful way to cleanse gemstones and rid them of all energetic impurities, restoring their optimal energy and power.

Remember that not all gemstones can tolerate the same cleaning methods. Some can be damaged by water or sunlight, so make sure you understand thespecific needs of your gemstones before cleaning them.

In conclusion, cleansing gemstones is an important aspect of maintaining their energetic properties and optimizing their positive influence on our well-being. By understanding why, when and how to cleanse gemstones, you can ensure they are always in their best condition and support you on your spiritual and personal journey.

Cleansing or discharging gemstones
Gemstones cleanse or discharge with Selenite and White Sage

Cleansing or discharging gemstones: 5 popular methods

  1. Water
  2. Earth
  3. Sunlight and Moonlight
  4. Cleansing Stones
  5. White Sage and Palo Santo

Is there a difference between gem charging and gem cleansing?

Yes, there is a difference between charging gemstones and cleansing them, although both processes are aimed at managing the energetic properties of the stones.

  • Cleansing or discharging gemstones refers to removing any negative or unwanted energies that have built up in the gemstone. This can result from exposure to negative emotions, stress, environmental factors, or simply from long-term use. Cleansing gemstones helps to purify them of these energies so that they can retain their optimal energetic properties and continue to work effectively.
  • Gemstone charging, on the other hand, refers to strengthening or renewing the energetic charge of a gemstone. The idea is that gemstones, over time or after use, can lose or weaken their energy. By recharging them, you give them a boost in energy, allowing them to be more powerful and effective in supporting your intentions or goals.

While cleansing gemstones focuses on removing negative or polluted energies, recharging focuses on enhancing the stone’s positive energy or intention. Both processes can be valuable, depending on how you use your gems and what your goal is. It is also important to note that not all gemstones require the same cleansing and charging methods, so it is helpful to understand the specific needs of each stone before undertaking these processes. Want to read more about gem charging?

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