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4 Beautiful gemstones for babies

The moment of birth is a vulnerable time for babies, when love and support are invaluable. Gemstones can be a beautiful and loving gesture to show your affection to a newborn baby. However, it is important to note that not all gemstones are suitable for the delicate creatures that are babies. In this article, we will explore the properties of 4 special gemstones for babies that do suit.

Natural gemstones and crystals have special energetic properties that can heal the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. Because these minerals are inherently connected to nature, they have incredible power to sense pain and unease in a human body and to heal the body and mind. For as long as we can remember, natural peoples, the Egyptians, the Maya, Sumerians and Indians, used talismans and amulets to ward off evil and protect themselves against negative influences.

It may sound surprising, but even newborn babies can benefit from the healing power of gemstones. Gemstones and crystals can support a baby’s growth and development, soothe restless little ones and promote restful sleep. Simply placing gemstones and crystals in the baby’s room or under the crib can provide additional strength and support for the baby. So, if you are looking for an original birth gift, definitely consider gemstones.

The great thing is that these stones are not only useful for babies, but they can also be of value later in life. There are gemstones that help with concentration and dealing with stress, and there are gemstones that make children more confident. Below we discuss some of the most suitable gemstones for babies.

Best crystals for babies

gemstones for baby: rose quartz - amethyst - green aventurine - crystal quartz
Rose Quartz – Amethyst – Green Aventurine – Crystal Quartz

Rose quartz

Known as the stone of love, rose quartz radiates a gentle, reassuring energy. It is the perfect stone to surround a baby with love. Giving a heart-shaped rose quartz in the baby’s room creates a sense of love and security for little ones. In addition, rose quartz can have a reassuring effect on babies and small children who are often anxious or feel insecure.


Amethyst is a very spiritual stone with healing properties. Put the stone under the mattress of the crib and the baby will sleep like a rose. Amethyst not only helps with falling asleep and staying asleep, but also protects the little baby from nightmares.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine has a calming effect and calms restless and easily overstimulated babies. The stone attracts good luck and prosperity and protects the little baby from negative influences. Place this stone under the mattress of the crib.

Clear quartz

Crystal quartz is a strong energetic stone that brings positive and vitalizing energy. Place the cute elephant in the baby’s room and the stone will purify the room of negative energy and attract positive energy. In addition, crystal quartz has the property to amplify the energy of other gemstones.

Gemstones for babies.

In conclusion, gemstones and crystals can be a wonderful addition to the loving care a baby needs. It is important to understand the specific properties of each stone and select it with care based on the baby’s needs. By using these beautiful natural gifts, we can add an extra layer of love and protection to the precious lives of little ones.

It is important to note that gemstones should be used carefully, especially with babies, to avoid choking hazards or other accidents. Therefore, store gemstones out of the reach of babies and small children. It is also advisable to regularly cleanse and recharge the gemstones, such as by holding them under running water or placing them in the full moonlight. Although gemstones are considered natural sources of energy, it is essential to rely on other proven methods for baby’s care and well-being, such as nutrition, sleep routine, hygiene and medical care. If parents choose to use gemstones, it should be done as an adjunct to these basic care practices.

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