Stone of Opportunity – Green Aventurine


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Stone of Opportunity – Green Aventurine

Affirmation stone in eco-friendly cotton bag (9x12cm) with sustainably printed card (fsc label). Perfect as a meaningful gift or just for yourself. Carry the stone close to you and use the affirmation to manifest your dreams.

Green Aventurine brings good luck and prosperity in your life and creates opportunities. The stone promotes compassion and empathy and protects the heart from discomfort. By creating potential & infinite possibilities, the stone helps you make your dreams come true.


Affirmation: ‘I unlock my unlimited potential’

The affirmation stone is available in 4 languages: Dutch – French – English – German

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a gemstone known as the stone of opportunity. It brings happiness and prosperity in life and creates opportunities for growth and success. This stone promotes compassion and empathy, protecting the heart from discomfort and emotional pain.

With its powerful energy, Green Aventurine opens the door to potential and infinite possibilities. It encourages you to pursue your dreams and helps you make them a reality. This stone can support you in making decisions and taking action to achieve your goals.

Green Aventurine is also associated with the heart chakra, the energy center responsible for love, compassion and emotional well-being. This stone helps open and heal the heart chakra, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and others. It promotes harmony in relationships and helps resolve emotional blockages.

In addition, Green Aventurine is known for its calming and relaxing properties. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of inner peace and balance. This makes it an excellent stone to wear or keep with you during periods of intense emotions or stressful situations.

With its energy of prosperity, compassion and emotional healing, Green Aventurine is a valuable companion on the spiritual path. It reminds us to be open to new opportunities, follow our hearts and live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

In short, Green Aventurine is the stone of Opportunity. The stone brings good luck and prosperity in your life and creates opportunities. The stone promotes compassion and empathy and protects the heart from discomfort. By creating potential & infinite possibilities, the stone helps you make your dreams come true.

Green Aventurine is often used in crystal grids, amulets and jewelry because of its beauty and spiritual properties. It is important to note that while Green Aventurine can serve as a supportive tool, it does not guarantee success and is not a substitute for personal effort. It is always important to follow your own intuition and responsibility when pursuing your dreams.

What are affirmation stones?

Affirmation stones are stones or crystals that are used as tools for practicing affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement or phrase you say repeatedly to yourself to achieve a particular goal or desired state of mind. Affirmation stones are specific stones that resonate with certain energies and properties, and they can serve as a physical reminder of your affirmations.

Each stone has its own unique properties and energies. When choosing an affirmation stone, you can pay attention to the traits you want to strengthen or the goals you want to achieve. For example, if you want to increase self-confidence, you can choose a stone associated with self-confidence, such as tiger’s eye.

To use affirmation stones, you can hold them in your hand while saying or repeating your affirmations. You can also place the stone where you see it often, such as on your desk or nightstand, as a visual reminder of your affirmations. The stones can help you strengthen your affirmations and enhance your focus.

It is important to note that affirmation stones have no magical properties and by themselves do not guarantee results. Rather, they are intended as a tool to reinforce your intentions and affirmations, and can serve as a positive reminder of your goals and desired states of mind. It is the power of your thoughts, beliefs and consistency in repeating affirmations that ultimately brings about the change.

Disclaimer: Gemstones and crystals are natural products. Due to the nature of gemstones, no stone will be the same, making each piece unique. Small variations in color and size are therefore normal. Pictures shown may therefore differ slightly from reality.



Afmeting steen

3 – 4.5 cm


Dutch, English, French, German


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