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Birthstone July

Birthstone July. What is your birthstone if you were born in July? A birthstone is a gemstone or crystal that belongs to your birth month.

The month you were born and the zodiac sign that goes with it determine your birthstone. According to experts, your birthstone has special properties and gives its wearer protection, strength, good health and support.

More than one birthstone is attributed to some months of the year. By wearing your birthstone with you as jewelry (necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet), your birthstone acts as a talisman or amulet.

Birth jewelry has been given as gifts for centuries. People believed that they protect you from evil and keep you free from disease. Even today many people carry a birthstone with them. Birth jewelry is also very trendy.

Birthstone July

The birthstones associated with the month of June are ruby and carnelian.

Birthstone July – ruby

Ruby is a precious gemstone often associated with love, passion and strength. Also called the king of gemstones because of its bright red color, the stone symbolizes love and courage.

  • Ruby is brown-black to pink-red
  • Ruby belongs to the zodiac signs aries, cancer, lion and capricorn .
  • Ruby is a strong activating stone. The stone gives courage, strength and energy. It is the stone of life force, love, passion and inner fire. The stone protects its wearer from evil.
  • Did you know this? Ancient Hindus believed that ruby was the king of gems and offered the stone to the god Krishna.
modern pendant with ruby
  1. Meaning and symbolism: The ruby traditionally symbolizes love, passion, courage and energy. It is often associated with passion and emotion, and it is considered a powerful stone that can protect the wearer from negative energy.
  2. Characteristics: Rubies belong to the corundum family, like sapphires, and have a bright red color due to traces of the mineral chromium in the stones. They have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which means they are very durable and suitable for daily use in jewelry.
  3. Origin: Rubies are mined from various parts of the world, including Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and some parts of Africa. Each location can produce rubies of different quality and hues.
  4. History:Rubies have a long history and have been valued for thousands of years. In ancient cultures, rubies were often seen as protectors against evil and were worn as talismans. They are found in royal jewelry and crowns around the world, and many royal families consider the ruby a valuable gemstone.

Birthstone July – carnelean

Carnelean is an orange-red to brown variety of chalcedony, a quartz mineral. The stone is often associated with energy, creativity and courage. Some people choose to wear or use carnelean as a July birthstone because of the warm color and properties attributed to this stone.

Carnelian has a joyful and uplifting energy. This stone provides balance and tranquility in times of stress and tension. Carnelian keeps its wearer motivated and focused so that they achieve their goals. The stone supports passion and drive and makes courageous when you need it.

It is important to note that different cultures and traditions may have different birthstones for the same month. Of course, if someone has a special connection to carnelean or any other gemstone, it is perfectly acceptable to wear this stone regardless of traditional attributions. Choosing a birthstone is often a personal and symbolic decision.

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