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Birthstone June

Birthstone June. What is your birthstone if you were born in June? A birthstone is a gemstone or crystal that belongs to your birth month.

The month you were born and the zodiac sign that goes with it determine your birthstone. According to experts, your birthstone has special properties and gives its wearer protection, strength, good health and support.

More than one birthstone is attributed to some months of the year. By wearing your birthstone with you as jewelry (necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet), your birthstone acts as a talisman or amulet.

Birth jewelry has been given as gifts for centuries. People believed that they protect you from evil and keep you free from disease. Even today many people carry a birthstone with them. Birth jewelry is also very trendy.

Birthstone June

The birthstones for the month of June are the pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. These stones are often associated with the month of June and are popular choices for jewelry and gifts for people born in this month.

Birthstone June – Pearl

Pearls are organic gemstones made by oysters and some other shellfish. They are known for their soft sheen and elegance. Pearls are often associated with purity and innocence, and they are a popular choice for bridal jewelry and other fancy jewelry.

  • Pearl has a white color
  • Pearl belongs to zodiac sign libra
  • Pearls are strongly linked to the moon and the feminine intuition. Also known as ‘tears of happiness’, they bring calm, peace and enlightenment to their wearer. They help to balance emotionally.
  • Did you know this? In ancient Greece, pearls were believed to be the petrified tears of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.
silver ear studs with white pearl

Birthstone June – Moonstone

Another white stone associated with the month of June is moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone has a strong feminine energy & is strongly connected to the moon. The stone represents intuition, feeling, love and fertility. The stone belongs to the zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces.

Moonstones are gemstones with a soft, shiny appearance and often a bluish or pearly sheen. They are associated with intuition and emotional balance. Moonstones have a calming effect and are often worn by people seeking inner peace.

Birthstone June – Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the third stone associated with the month of June. Alexandrite is a rare and valuable gemstone that changes color depending on the light source. It can range from green in daylight to red in artificial light. Alexandrite is a rare stone and brings its wearer happiness, self-respect and self-worth. The stone strengthens the will and inspires the imagination. It is the stone of regeneration and aids in inner transformation.

Alexandrite symbolizes balance and harmony. Because of its color-changing properties, it is often seen as a symbol of change.

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