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Rainbow Moonstone meaning and healing properties

Rainbow Moonstone has a strong feminine energy and is strongly connected to the moon. The stone represents intuition, feeling, love and fertility. Rainbow Moonstone is somewhat reminiscent of a rainbow because of the different colors that light up when light shines on it. Jewelry with Rainbow Moonstone is therefore beautiful and sparkles in the sunlight!

Rainbow Moonstone properties


Pendant with rainbow moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone has a translucent, white color with an occasional blue sheen. When the sunlight shines on it, you can see the colors of the rainbow shimmering. Rainbow Moonstone often contains small pieces of black tourmaline.


Rainbow Moonstone is found mainly in Australia, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Physical characteristics

Sometimes called white labradorite, this stone belongs to the feldspar family. Feldspar is the name of a large group of rock-forming silicate minerals that make up more than 50% of the Earth’s crust. They are found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks in all parts of the world.

  • Composition: (Na,Ca)Al1-2Si3-2O8 – Triklien
  • Hardness: 6 – 6.5 – on Mohs scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (hard)
  • Density: 2.58
  • Transparency: slightly transparent with a glass luster or pearl luster


Since ancient times, the stone has been used for fertility and pregnancies. According to a Hindu legend, moonstone was formed by moonbeams, while the Romans believed it was made from drops of moonlight. In India, moonstone was considered a sacred stone. Rainbow Moonstone is also called white labradorite because it is a transparent variety of labradorite.

A rainbow represents joy and happiness and is caused by tiny fractures within the stone.


Rainbow Moonstone belongs to cancer, capricorn, scorpio, pisces, virgo and libra.


Rainbow Moonstone balances the Chakras and belongs especially to the 2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra, the 3rd or solar plexus Chakra and the 7th Chakra or Crown Chakra.

Rainbow Moonstone meaning

What is the significance of rainbow moonstone on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level?


Moonstone is a strong protective stone and symbolizes transformation. The stone sharpens intuition and provides spiritual healing. The stone stimulates spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance and psychic abilities. The stone provides very vivid dreams and deeper insight. It is a stone that gives you strength during important life moments and helps you find your own way.

Mentally and emotionally

Rainbow Moonstone is connected to the different cycles of the moon and has a strong feminine energy. The stone enhances female intuition and has a calming effect on emotions. Rainbow Moonstone has a calming effect and protects your aura from negativity. The stone also works to support insomnia and sleepwalking.


Rainbow Moonstone is a good stone for women. It is the stone of fertility and supports mothers during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding periods. The stone is also used to reduce premenstrual symptoms as well as menopausal symptoms. Rainbow Moonstone has a detoxifying effect and balances female hormones. The stone has a positive effect on the internal organs, eyes, blood vessels and nerves.

Rainbow moonstone pendant

Rainbow Moonstone care

Rainbow Moonstone is a soft and brittle stone. The stone can scratch easily and is very fragile. It is therefore important to take good care of jewelry with rainbow moonstone. That means avoiding contact with chemicals and polishes, and avoiding water and bright sunlight as much as possible. It is best to polish rainbow moonstone with a gemstone cloth or microfiber cloth. Only in cases of deep contamination may you clean the stone very briefly under running water. If the stone has lost its luster, you can polish it with a drop of mineral oil on a soft cloth.

Rainbow Moonstone discharging and charging

Moonstone Discharge

Rainbow Moonstone can energetically cleanse or discharge you in several ways:

  1. Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  2. White Sage or Palo Santo : With dried white sage or Palo Santo (Holy Wood) you can clean quartz species by keeping them in the purifying smoke for a while.
  3. Selenite: Selenite rods are ideal for cleaning your crystals. Simply place your crystals against the selenite or put them together overnight in a box or bag.
  4. Hematite: Another way to discharge your stones is to put them in an abalone shell with hematite stones overnight.
  5. Water: Less suitable for rainbow moonstone.
  6. Earth: place the stone in the earth overnight.

Moonstone Charging

Rainbow Moonstone does not need to be charged because it rebalances through discharge. But if you still want to do this it can be done in these ways:

  • Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  • Sunlight: Place your stone in direct sunlight for several hours. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • In the earth: place your stone in the earth overnight.

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