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10x Original gift for pregnancy?

Are you looking for an original gift for pregnancy? How about a gift with gemstones? Gemstones are special and spiritual gifts suitable for any occasion. Gemstones have always had a special connection with the world of women. The brilliant colors and unique properties of gemstones resonate with the feminine energy on a deep level. By gifting a pregnant gemstone, you help surround the pregnancy with love and security. An original gift for pregnancy with gemstones is a fun way to let someone know you care!

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4 Best Gemstones for Pregnancy

There are several gemstones associated with motherhood and fertility. The most well-known are rose quartz, moonstone, carnelean and blue chalcedony.

All special gemstones for women that support pregnancy and fertility.

These gemstones are a wonderful journey of support for women, from hormonal balance to self-confidence, and from pregnancy to motherhood.

original gift for pregnancy
Original gift for pregnancy
Original gift for pregnancy with gemstones
4 Gems for pregnancy

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a pink quartz stone. The stone is also called the ‘stone of love’ and has a soft energy. The stone opens the heart chakra and makes you receptive to love. This ensures inner peace and harmony and makes you aware of your own vulnerability. As a result, the stone helps to calm the mother-to-be and free her from worries. The stone has a positive effect on the reproductive organs and thus promotes fertility. Rose quartz promotes empathy, sharpens sensitivity and stimulates creativity. Rose quartz helps women to not be so hard on themselves, to accept and love themselves.


Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and has a strong ‘feminine energy’. The stone supports pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and has a positive influence on the reproductive organs. Moonstone helps prepare the uterus and balance hormones after birth. Moonstone supports the hormone balance and is the perfect stone for mothers who are breastfeeding. The stone promotes female intuition and brings peace to the emotional roller coaster of motherhood. A nice stone for mom-to-be to carry with her.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is one of the most suitable gemstones for pregnancy. Blue chalcedony is also known as the ‘mother stone’. This beautiful light blue stone strengthens the maternal instincts, promotes a healthy pregnancy and stimulates milk production after birth. The stone has a calming effect and helps with stressful moments. The stone is connected to the throat chakra (self-expression) and the third eye (intuition). Blue chalcedony gives self-insight and helps to articulate things better. The stone works as a powerful healer and balances mothers-to-be.


Carnelean is known for its vitalizing and energizing properties. It is often associated with fertility, passion and motherhood. For women seeking to conceive, carnelean can help boost sexual energy and increase fertility. During pregnancy, carnelean can provide the mother with extra energy and strength. Wear carnelean as a symbol of fertility and maternal love.

In short, rose quartz, moonstone, carnelean and blue chalcedony are the perfect gemstones for pregnancy and moms with a strong desire to have children. An original gift for pregnancy!

The use of gemstones during pregnancy and fertility journey is based on personal beliefs and spiritual traditions. While not a substitute for medical care, these stones can be symbolic and inspirational tools to promote a positive mindset and create a sense of well-being during this special time in a woman’s life. Always remember that it is advisable to seek medical advice if there are medical concerns or problems with fertility.

Original gift for pregnancy

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