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The 3 best gemstones for women

Are you looking for the best gemstones for women? In this article we will tell you which gemstones are suitable for typically female complaints such as premenstrual syndrome, fertility issues and hormone fluctuations. But did you know that gemstones can also strenghten women in their femininity, and empower?

Gemstones are special and spiritual gifts suitable for any occasion. Giving gemstones as gifts is a loving way to let someone know you care!

3 Gemstones for Women

There are several gemstones associated with femininity, motherhood and fertility. The most well-known gemstones for women are rose quartz, moonstone and pink opal .

Three special gemstones for women that balance female hormones, support fertility and support women as they prepare for motherhood.

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Gemstones for women

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a pink quartz stone. The stone is also called the “stone of love” and has a gentle energy.

Rose quartz is the stone of love and represents unconditional love and compassion, femininity and self-confidence.

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra and makes you receptive to love. This ensures inner peace and harmony and makes you aware of your own vulnerability. As a result, the stone helps you unwind and free yourself from worry. The stone has a positive effect on the reproductive organs and thus promotes fertility.

Rose quartz promotes empathy, sharpens sensitivity and stimulates creativity.

Rose quartz boosts self-confidence and helps women to not be so strict with themselves, accept themselves and love themselves.


Moonstone has a strong feminine energy and symbolizes empowerment, reproductive health and successful breastfeeding.

Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and has a strong ‘feminine energy’. The stone supports pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and has a positive influence on the reproductive organs. Moonstone helps prepare the uterus and balance hormones after birth.

Moonstone supports hormonal balance, relieves premenstrual symptomes and is the perfect stone for breastfeeding women. The stone promotes female intuition and brings peace to the emotional roller coaster of motherhood.

Moonstone empowers and strenghtens women and is therefore a good stone for women to carry with them.

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Moonstone in the shop

Pink Opal

Pink Opal represents not only strength and vitality, but also passion and hormonal balance.

Pink opal is the stone of spiritual awakening. The stone promotes self-love, balances the body and mind and radiates gentleness and love. Pink opal balances emotions and promotes emotional healing. The stone helps temper fear, worry or tension. It is a protective stone that facilitates birth. The stone relieves premenstrual symptoms and provides hormonal balance during the fertile period.

Wearing Rose Opal supports women, gives strength and promotes vitality. The stone helps you reach your full potential.

However, pink opal is also associated with love, passion and desire. The stone strengthens emotions and helps release inhibitions.

Birthstone ring October with pink opal - silver
Pink opal in the shop

Power bracelet for women

Especially for you we have designed a bracelet with the perfect gemstones for women: rose quartz, pink opal, moonstone ánd crystal quartz (Cracked effect), finished with sterling silver 925. The bracelet has 8mm thick beads. The perfect gift for yourself, your mom, your friend or the one you love.

Power bracelet for women – Release your inner Goddess

With rose quartz, pink Opal, Moonstone and clear Crystal

Power bracelet for women

“Release your inner goddess”

with rose quartz, pink opal, moonstone and crystal quartz

Natural gemstones – Sterling Silver 925 plated with a layer of pink gold

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a strong energetic stone that promotes emotional and physical healing. The stone offers spiritual protection.

Crystal quartz is a strong energetic stone that brings positive and vitalizing energy. The stone has healing & cleansing properties that purifies the body and balances the seven chakras. Because of this, crystal quartz can provide good support for both emotional and physical healing and is used during meditation.

Crystal quartz purifies the space, brings peace and harmony, and ensures a clear mind.

The stone enhances concentration and helps to maintain a neutral and impartial attitude. This makes it easier to come to insights and make decisions.

Gemstones golden triangle - crystal quartz
Clear quartz

Crystal quartz is known to enhance the action of other stones. So it is the perfect stone to complement the other gemstones for women, rose quartz, pink opal and moonstone.

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