Edelsteen set voor kinderen - groene aventurijn - tijgeroog - zwarte toermalijn (3)

3 perfect gemstones for children

Kids can sometimes have a hard time growing up. Some children are more sensitive than others and are easily influenced by their environment. Unfortunately, children are not spared from negative experiences and traumas. They can therefore use all the support. In this blog you can read which gemstones are suitable for children.

Natural gemstones and crystals have special energetic properties that can heal the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. Because these minerals are inherently connected to nature, they have incredible power to sense pain and unease in a human body and to heal the body and mind. For as long as we can remember, natural peoples, the Egyptians, the Maya, Sumerians and Indians, used talismans and amulets to ward off evil and protect themselves against negative influences.

Children can also benefit from its use. Gemstones and crystals can support development and growth, support sensitive and anxious children and provide peace of mind when sleeping. For example, there are crystals that help with concentration and deal with stress, and crystals that give children the necessary strength to be less insecure. You can read here which gemstones are the most suitable for children. You can read more about using gemstones for babies in another blog.

gemstones for kids: green aventurine - black tourmaline - tiger's eye
Green aventurine – black tourmaline – tiger’s eye

Which gemstones for children?

The gemstones for children listed below are suitable for children from the age of six. For small children and babies, choose gemstones that radiate a soft energy such as crystal quartz, rose quartz and green aventurine. In our shop we have a gift box with stones suitable for small babies . More powerful stones are also suitable from the age of 16.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is a good luck stone . The stone helps children to find the strength within themselves, and inspires them to stand up for themselves in a healthy way. The stone gives courage and perseverance and helps children to concentrate better. In addition, tiger eye has a protective energy and brings harmony and balance. Tiger Eye strengthens children who are plagued by fears and nightmares and supports children who are easily overstimulated. That is why it is a good stone for children to carry with them. Tiger’s eye is also a good stone for children who are being bullied. The stone will protect them.

Children can put a tiger’s eye palm stone in their pocket or give it a place in the pencil case. The stone is a good friend during exams or class performances.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a calming stone . Children who are often restless, benefit greatly from a green aventurine. The stone has a calming effect and helps children to relax. This makes it easier for them to express their emotions. The stone makes you more patient, tolerant and positive. The stone strengthens children and promotes growth. Green Aventurine attracts good luck and prosperity and ensures a good night’s sleep. Green aventurine also promotes growth.

Green aventurine is a good stone to take with you. Children can take the stone in their pocket or give it a place in the pencil case.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a soothing stone . Sensitive children can become restless from all the radiation around them from WiFi and telephones. Black Tourmaline absorbs these radiations and reduces their intensity. In this way, black tourmaline protects against negative energy from the outside. Tourmaline also removes emotional blockages and protects against negative energy from within. The stone helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation. The stone makes children feel safe and protective and is the perfect friend to share your worries with. Tourmaline is a comforting and protective stone and gives positive energy, strength and self-confidence.

Black tourmaline can give you a place on your bedside table or under your pillow. Take the stone in your hand, rub the stone with your thumb and let go of your worries.

Gems for students

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