Crystal quartz meaning and healing properties

Crystal quartz meaning and healing properties

Crystal quartz meaning and healing properties: crystal quartz is a colorless type of quartz. It is a strong energetic stone that brings positive and vitalizing energy. The stone has healing & cleansing properties that purifies the body and balances the seven chakras. This allows crystal quartz to provide good support for all forms of healing as well as meditation.

Crystal quartz is also called clear quartz or rock crystal .

Crystal quartz characteristics


Crystal quartz is a colorless quartz type. The color varies from milky white to translucent and has a glassy aspect. If Crystal quartz is completely white, we speak of milk quartz or snow quartz.

Crystal quartz colors
Crystal quartz colors


The stone is mined all over the world. Larger pieces of Crystal quartz have been found, especially in the Alps such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In addition, Crystal quartz is found in North and South America, Asia and Africa * . In the Smithsonian Institute in Washington you can admire a piece of Crystal quartz weighing no less than 3628 kg. The stone is over 6 feet high and was found in a mine in Arkansas.

Physical characteristics

Crystal quartz, like rose quartz and amethyst , is a type of quartz. It is the most common variant of the mineral quartz silicon dioxide, SiO 2 .

  • Composition: SiO 2
  • Hardness: 7 – on Mohs scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (hard)
  • Density: 2.6
  • Transparency: transparent, sometimes cloudy


The name Crystal quartz comes from the Greek word krystallos , (κρύσταλλος in Greek), meaning crystal or ice. Medicinal properties have been attributed to the stone since the Mesolithic (10,500 BC). In the period of the Roman Empire, the stone was sold under the name ‘petrified ice’. In the Far East it was believed that the stone represents patience and perfection. The Tibetans used Crystal quartz to treat wounds. In the Middle Ages it was thought that the stone would protect against poisoning because it would discolor or break if Crystal quartz came into contact with poison. In royal circles, therefore, people drank from crystal glasses and people wore Crystal quartz around the neck as an amulet.

Crystal quartz zodiac sign

Crystal quartz belongs mainly to the constellations Aries and Taurus , but Leo and Capricorn also benefit from wearing the stone.

Crystal quartz birth month

Crystal quartz belongs to the month of birth April.


Crystal quartz suits all 7 chakras and that makes the stone very powerful energetically.

Crystal quartz healing properties

What can Crystal quartz do for you?


Crystal quartz protects against negative external influences, including radiation from mobile phones and computers, but also negative energy from people around you. The stone is very suitable for meditation and healing. The stone not only balances the energy, but absorbs negative energy, stores energy and releases positive energy. The stone helps to develop intuition and strengthen the aura. The stone naturally enhances the effect of other stones. This gives the stone particularly powerful properties in combination with rose quartz and amethyst. Read more about this in the article ‘ golden triangle ‘.

Mentally and emotionally

Crystal quartz purifies the space, brings peace and harmony, and ensures a clear mind. In this way, the stone helps you to think better, making it easier for you to gain insights and make decisions. The stone promotes concentration and helps to adopt a neutral and impartial attitude towards others. It is a good stone for students.


The stone is said to have various positive effects on the healing of the body and has a purifying, vitalizing, fever-reducing and analgesic effect. The stone has a strong self-healing capacity and is used to treat complaints of the skin, hair, bones, teeth and nails. In addition, the stone can help with dizziness, nausea, headaches and intestinal complaints. The stone enhances the action of other stones and can be used to charge other stones.

The stone is also often given as a birth gift because of the purifying energy that the stone radiates. The stone makes the baby feel loved. It is the perfect stone to clear the babyroom of negative energy and attract positive energy. Want to read more about gemstones for babies ?

Golden triangle

Amethyst, rose quartz and crystal quartz together form the golden triangle.

These powerful crystals reinforce each other when brought together and together give more energy.

Together they provide love and harmony because the trinity connects body, mind and soul. This brings the body into better balance.

Taking care of Crystal quartz ?

What can Crystal quartz not endure? Crystal quartz is sensitive to temperature differences. So keep Crystal quartz away from the heat of the sun or any other heat source. The rock can shatter if you drop it. It is best to polish rock crystal with a gemstone cloth or microfibre cloth. In case of deep contamination, you can clean the stone under running water. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to clean grooves.

Clearing and charging Crystal quartz

rose quartz meaning and healing properties
Clearing and charging Crystal quartz


Quartz types such as Crystal quartz can be energetically cleaned or discharged in various ways:

  1. Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  2. White Sage or Palo Santo : With dried white sage or Palo Santo (Holy Wood) you can clean quartz species by keeping them in the purifying smoke for a while.
  3. Selenite: Selenite rods are ideal for cleaning your crystals. Simply place your crystals against the selenite or put them together overnight in a box or bag.
  4. Hematite: Another way to discharge your stones is to put them in an abalone shell with hematite stones overnight.
  5. Water: you can also clean quartz types with water. To do this, hold the stone under running water for a few minutes.
  6. Soil: we do not recommend as this can damage some crystals.


How do you charge Crystal quartz? Energetic charging of Crystal quartz can be done by:

  • Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  • Sunlight: Place your stone in direct sunlight for several hours. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • We do not recommend charging crystals into the earth because this can damage some crystals.

Special and healing properties are attributed to precious stones and crystals. However, they are never a substitute for medication, medical care or action, but can have a supporting function. Therefore, always consult your therapist, doctor or medical specialist in the event of physical, mental or emotional complaints.