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Green Gemstone

Green gems such as emerald and jade make the heart stronger. Green gemstones stimulate your heart chakra. A green gemstone is calming, has a positive effect on the nerves and gives a sense of harmony. Green gives hope, helps you let go and feel better.

Green belongs to the months of May (dark green) and August (light green).

Types of green gemstones

  • green aventurine
  • malachite
  • emerald
  • chrysopraas
  • prasiolite (green amethyst)
  • green calcite
  • green fluorite
  • green jade
  • peridot
  • moldavite
  • green tourmaline
  • nephrite
  • green turquoise
  • bloodstone
  • green garnet
  • green chrysoberyl
  • zoisite

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