yellow gemstone

Yellow Gemstone

Yellow gemstones are lucky stones. A yellow gemstone supports self-confidence and stimulates the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. Yellow is a color that gives you energy, confidence and strength. It’s a sunny color that makes you happy. You then radiate that optimism to those around you.

Yellow is also a good color to support digestion. Yellow belongs to the month of November.

Examples of yellow gemstones and minerals are: gold topaz, yellow calcite, citrine, rutile quartz, amber, yellow fluorite.

Types of yellow gemstones

  • yellow diamond
  • citrine
  • yellow calcite
  • yellow topaz
  • rutile quartz
  • amber
  • yellow fluorite
  • yellow aventurine
  • yellow jade
  • heliodore
  • Ethiopian opal

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