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White Gemstone

A white gemstone or transparent gemstone such as rock crystal and moonstone supports a balanced personality. The color white gives purity to the body and strengthens.

White and transparent gemstones radiate purity and reflect sunlight. Sometimes beautiful rainbow crystals can be seen as with rainbow moonstone. White gemstones stimulate neutrality and promote self-knowledge. They are very suitable if you are looking for depth. White also symbolizes peace, as well as healing and purification.

White gemstones are also linked to the moon and fertility and are therefore often given as gifts to mothers, pregnant women and babies. White gemstones also belong to the month of June.

Transparent gemstones such as diamond and rock crystal are purifying and possess energetic properties. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and connection, which is why they are often incorporated into engagement rings.

Types of white gemstones

  • moonstone
  • pearl
  • crystal quartz
  • diamond
  • white opal
  • white topaz
  • white jade
  • white agate
  • white howlite
  • magnesite

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