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Amethyst effect and meaning

Amethyst effect and meaning: Amethyst is one of the most popular semi-precious stones. Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. The stone protects against negative energy and converts it into love. It is a healing & calming stone that calms the mind.

Amethyst characteristics


The color of amethyst varies from translucent violet to dark purple. Dark purple amethyst owes its beautiful color mainly to traces of iron and titanium, and a little radioactivity. Under the influence of sunlight, amethyst becomes paler and more transparent in color.

Under the influence of heat, the stone can turn transparent green. We call a green amethyst prasiolite. This can happen naturally, for example through volcanic activity or through artificial heating. In the shop you can buy jewelry with green amethyst .

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Amethyst colors


The stone is found all over the world, from North America to Russia, but the main producers of amethyst are Uruguay and Brazil * .

Physical characteristics

Just like crystal quartz and rose quartz, amethyst is a type of quartz.

  • Composition: SiO2+ (Fe, Al, Ti, Na, Li)
  • Hardness: 7 – on Mohs scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (hard)
  • Density: 2.63-2.65
  • Transparency: transparent


The word amethyst is derived from the Greek amethustos, which means ‘against intoxication’. Traditionally, amethyst was thought to protect you from poisoning and drunkenness.

Amethyst and zodiac sign

Amethyst belongs to the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces .

Amethyst and month of birth

Amethyst belongs to the month of birth of February.


Forehead chakra (6 th ) and crown chakra (7 th ).

amethyst effect and meaning - meditation with amethyst
Meditation with amethyst

Amethyst effect


Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration and is often used in meditation . The stone clears the mind, promotes self-insight and helps you to be honest and impartial. For example, amethyst can help you identify and deal with addictions or avoidance behavior. The stone is also very suitable for purifying the space.

Mentally and emotionally

Amethyst can help you deal with loss , intense grief and painful experiences . Amethyst sharpens the intuition and improves concentration. You learn to see things in perspective and that leads to a better understanding of events. The stone helps you to let go of negative feelings . In this way, amethyst can promote emotional healing . This ensures inner peace .


Amethyst is used to promote good sleep and prevent nightmares . An amethyst under your pillow ensures that you have clear dreams and wake up rested. In this respect, the stone is also very suitable for babies and children.

Amethyst has a positive effect on the nervous system, reduces headaches , stress and tension and relieves pain . The stone also has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system, especially blood pressure . Improved blood circulation can also improve skin problems . Amethyst is also said to stimulate the pancreas and could provide support for diabetes.

Taking care of amethyst

What can amethyst not endure? Amethyst will become paler and more transparent under the influence of sunlight. So keep amethyst away from direct sunlight. Do not heat amethyst. The stone will not split easily, but it is prone to breakage. It is best to polish amethyst with a gemstone cloth or microfibre cloth. In case of deep contamination, you can clean the stone under running water. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to clean grooves.

Discharging and Charging Amethyst

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Charging amethyst with selenite


Quartz species such as amethyst can be energetically cleaned or discharged in various ways:

  1. Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  2. White Sage or Palo Santo : With dried white sage or Palo Santo (Holy Wood) you can clean quartz species by keeping them in the purifying smoke for a while.
  3. Selenite: Selenite rods are ideal for cleaning your crystals. Simply place your crystals against the selenite or put them together overnight in a box or bag.
  4. Hematite: Another way to discharge your stones is to put them in an abalone shell with hematite stones overnight.
  5. Water: you can also clean quartz types with water. To do this, hold the stone under running water for a few minutes.
  6. Soil: we do not recommend as this can damage some crystals.


How do you activate an amethyst? Energetic charging of amethyst can be done by:

  • Moonlight: place the stone on the windowsill at night under a full moon. Always do this behind glass and don’t forget to take your stone out of the sunlight in the morning.
  • Crystal quartz: Place your stone overnight in an abalone shell with crystal quartz stones.
  • We do not recommend the use of sunlight and placing crystals in the soil because this can damage some crystals.

Special and healing properties are attributed to precious stones and crystals. However, they are never a substitute for medication, medical care or action, but can have a supporting function. Therefore, always consult your therapist, doctor or medical specialist in the event of physical, mental or emotional complaints.