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Best Gemstones Zodiac Sign Libra

Gemstones zodiac sign Libra. Which gemstones suit Libra, what meaning can we ascribe to them and how can you use them?

The constellations of the zodiac are attributed with gemstones that match the characteristics of each zodiac sign. They can enhance or moderate already existing properties. In this way, the stones that suit you can strengthen you by promoting positive qualities and weakening or balancing negative qualities. You can read here which gemstones match the zodiac sign Libra and their meaning.

Characteristics Libra

Libra is charming, funny, smart and perhaps the most cultured and well-mannered zodiac sign. By nature, Libra is a mediator and builds bridges between people. Libra is straightforward, but sometimes goes too far, throwing people off balance. Libra prefers everyone to agree with him or her, which sometimes causes conflict.

On the other hand, Libra is often very curious, positive and enthusiastic which endears her to others. Libra has the gift of seeing everything from the positive side. Libra will also never intentionally hurt anyone and likes to buy gifts for loved ones.

  • Born: September 23 – October 22
  • Element: air
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Color: powder pink – light blue
  • Go well with: aries & sagittarius

The Libra is diplomatic, pleasant, attentive, enthusiastic & curious

What color stone suits Libra? powder pink and light blue bring calm and kindness and help the Libra open up his or her heart.

Gemstones zodiac sign Libra

Gemstones that fit the Libra constellation are sapphire, pink and blue opal, moonstone and aventurine, but jade, aquamarine, topaz and tourmaline are also good choices that fit the Libra character.

Sapphire | This stone represents wisdom and boosts Libra’s creativity. Sapphire helps Libra to be more extroverted and a little less modest.

Green Aventurine | This stone brings prosperity and happiness and helps the indecisive Libra in making decisions. Aventurine gives peace, tempers negative feelings and promotes creativity

Blue opal | Blue opal is a suitable stone for Libra because of its calming and harmonizing properties, which help in finding inner balance and peace. The stone also promotes communication and harmonious relationships, enabling Libra to deal with others in a fair and peaceful manner.

Pink opal | Opal represents faithful love, helps attract positive relationships and strengthens intuition. The stone gives Libra the necessary self-confidence and lifts inhibitions.

Moonstone | Moonstone is a good gemstone for Libra because of its calming properties that can help promote inner harmony and encourage emotional balance in social interactions.

Jade | Jade is a protective stone that attracts good fortune, prosperity and wealth. The stone is calming and helps Libra stand up for herself.

Aquamarine | This calming stone makes the Libra sincere, relaxed and cheerful. It is a fine stone for Libra because it encourages success and makes you goal-oriented.

Topaz | Topaz attracts luck, prosperity and love and helps Libra make its dreams come true. The stone helps find love and strengthen existing relationships.

Tourmaline | This stone protects the Libra from negative influences and thoughts. The stone brings Libra relaxation, peace and balance and helps transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Gemstones zodiac sign Libra

The gemstones that perfectly match the Libra constellation, including sapphire, green aventurine, blue opal, pink opal, jade, aquamarine, topaz and tourmaline, offer a diversity of supportive properties for Libra constellation. Whether increasing wisdom, making decisions, finding inner balance, attracting love or promoting success, these stones serve as valuable companions on the path of harmony and well-being for Libras.

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The healing power of gemstones

Crystal healing is an ancient practice where natural gemstones and crystals are used to heal the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. There is countless evidence found throughout history where the healing power of crystals has been mentioned in various cultures and civilizations.

Because crystals are inherently connected to nature, they have an incredible power to sense pain and unease in a human body and to heal the body and mind.

Clean and purify your gems

Before you can use gemstones and crystals, it is important to first cleanse and purify them of outside energy. You do this by holding the stones under cold running water for a while. Note that some stones are very sensitive to water. So do not let them soak in the water.

You can also cleanse your stones by placing them in the light of the full moon for a night. Always do this behind glass and not outside. Different weather influences (sun, rain, temperature) can change the color of your gemstones. There are other techniques for cleaning your gems, but these are the simplest.

Now your stones are clean and pure and you can use the energy for your own healing.

Use the power of your gems

To get the most out of your gems, you need to use them properly. There are some ways in which you can use gemstones and crystals, for example during meditation, as protection in the house, but also as a talisman or good luck charm. But they are also simply beautiful natural objects to put in your home.

Gems during meditation

With the crystal obelisk, sit in a room where you feel safe. This could be your bedroom, your meditation room, or any other space where you feel good. Take a seat on a mat or cushion on the floor, or settle down in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to calm your mind and feel your body relax.

Take the cleaned crystal point in your hands and visualize what you need. Say what the stone can help you with, for example ‘Give me the strength to…’ . Be clear about what you want. The energy of the stone will connect to your inner soul and the energy will start flowing.

Gemstones as protection in the house

Place the Crystal Point obelisk in a room where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or kitchen. Give the stone a nice place in the room, away from direct sunlight. By giving gemstones a place in your home, you can shield yourself and your roommates from negative influences and fill your home with warmth and love.

Gemstones as a talisman

You can also use gems as a talisman or good luck charm. By wearing gemstones with certain healing properties close to you, they can support, give you strength or protect you against negative external influences. To wear a gemstone as an amulet, put the stone in your pocket or wear it around your neck or wrist as a piece of jewelry. Carry them with you when you go to an exam or have a difficult conversation. Take them in your hands when you’re thinking and trying to clear your head or when you just need extra focus.

Gemstones can give you strength and help to alleviate depressive feelings. Gemstones can also help you with processing grief or difficult experiences. They are a sweet gesture if you want to show someone your support.

Meditation and the use of gemstones don’t have to be woolly at all. Gemstones and crystals are simply a tool to find a moment of peace in your busy life. They can help you calm your mind.

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