golden triangle

Golden triangle: amethyst, rose quartz and crystal quartz

Amethyst, rose quartz and crystal quartz together form the golden triangle. These powerful crystals reinforce each other when brought together and together give more energy. Together they provide love and harmony because the trinity connects body, mind and soul. This brings the body into better balance.

Everything in life consists of energy and as you know everything has an influence on each other. How you feel, how your environment reacts to it and how the energy of your environment influences you again. It’s all connected. And so it is with crystals. Crystals also consist of energy and give off that energy to their environment. In this way crystals have been used for centuries to heal and give strength.

There are seven energy fields in our body, which are also called chakras. Amethyst, crystal quartz and rose quartz have a positive influence on the chakras.

The Trinity

Amethyst, rose quartz and crystal quartz are each very powerful crystals in their own right. But when brought together, they amplify each other’s energies. That means they can do more for you together than each can do individually. These crystals are also called the trinity because of the way they work together. Together they provide love and harmony by connecting the body, mind and soul on a deeper level. This not only brings your body into better balance, but also your chakras.

Special properties of the golden triangle


Amethyst is a quartz stone and has a purple color. It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. The stone offers the wearer protection against negative energy from the outside and calms the mind. Amethyst has the power to convert negative energies into love and tranquility. It is a healing and calming stone that can do a lot for you.


The stone opens the crown chakra and forehead chakra (third eye). This way the stone can clear your head and give you a deeper insight into yourself. In this way, the stone can help you process painful experiences, mourning and loss. The stone can also provide support to leave bad habits and addictions behind. The stone has a positive effect on headaches, migraines and sleeping problems (nightmares) and supports the brain and nervous system.

It is a very spiritual stone and is therefore often used during meditation. The stone is also very suitable for babies and children and helps with sleeping through the night and against nightmares.

Protective and purifying stone that promotes self-insight.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a quartz stone and has a soft pink color. The stone is also called the stone of love and has a soft energy. The stone opens the heart chakra. This ensures inner peace and harmony and makes you aware of your own vulnerability. As a result, the stone helps to calm you and free you from worries. The stone calms down and helps you to give & receive love better.

rose quartz

The stone not only stands for romantic love, but also love for family and friends and above all love for yourself. The stone helps you to be open to love and brings peace to your heart. The stone can support the processing of painful emotional experiences and offer comfort in mourning and loss. When your heart calms down, you will be more able to give love yourself.

The stone has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels (e.g. high blood pressure), is often used in cases of overstrain and burnout and supports fertility. The stone is a nice gift for babies and children. By placing a stone under the cot, children feel safe and loved.

The stone of love opens the heart chakra and helps to give & receive love.

Clear quartz

Crystal quartz is a colorless quartz type. It is a strong energetic stone that brings positive and vitalizing energy. The stone has healing & cleansing properties that purifies the body and balances the seven chakras. Because of this, crystal quartz can provide good support for all forms of healing as well as meditation.

crystal quartz

The stone protects against negative external influences, including radiation from mobile phones and computers, but also negative energy from people around you. Crystal quartz purifies the space, brings peace and harmony, and ensures a clear mind. In this way, the stone helps you to think better, making it easier to gain insights.

The stone is said to have various positive effects on the healing of the body and has a vitalizing, fever-reducing and analgesic effect. The stone enhances the action of other stones and can be used to charge other stones.

Healing & cleansing stone that purifies the body and balances the chakras.

Using the Golden Triangle

To take full advantage of the golden triangle, take a seat in a quiet and safe place. Sit on a mat on the floor or a comfortable chair. Don’t be distracted by your surroundings and breathe in and out deeply. To better focus your attention on yourself, it helps to close your eyes. Listen to your own breathing and feel your body and mind relax. Make sure you have cleansed your stones of outside energies beforehand. You do this by briefly holding the stones under cold running water.

Take the cleaned stones in your hands one by one and visualize what you need. Say what the stones can help you with, for example ‘Give me the strength to…’ . Be clear about what you want. Then place the stone in front of you on the floor or on a table. Do the same with the other stones. Arrange the stones in front of you in a triangle. Because of this, the energy of the stones begins to flow and they complement each other. The golden triangle will bring peace and balance to the room and help you with your question.

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